In my artistic journey, I delve deep into the profound and intricate relationship that exists between my body, confidence, mountains, and the experience of solitude. Through my work, I strive to illuminate the transformative power of the natural world, particularly the majestic mountains, in shaping one's self-assuredness and introspection when faced with solitude. My body serves as the primary instrument through which I engage with the world around me, and it is on the mountains' rugged terrain that this connection becomes most palpable. As an artist, I am acutely constantly aware of the inherent vulnerability of the human form and feeling in such settings. The body becomes a canvas, imprinted with every step, every fall, every weary breath, and every victorious summit. This vulnerability is the cornerstone of my exploration.
In the solitude of the mountains, one confronts their  profound fears and doubts. It is in this confrontation that true self-confidence emerges. The arduous ascent, the fear of the unknown, and the physical and mental challenges present in mountainous environments strip away the superficial layers of our self-perception. In their place, an unshakable sense of self is formed, built upon resilience and an intimate understanding of our own capabilities.
The human body is a remarkable canvas of self-expression and resilience. It reflects our inner world, embodying our strengths, vulnerabilities, and the narratives we carry. My art begins with an exploration of the body as a symbol of self-confidence, shedding light on the diverse forms it takes and celebrating its unique beauty. It is through this acceptance and celebration of the self that we lay the foundation for our journey. 
Friendship is strengthened by the practice of high mountains, which creates immediate bonds and develops a common vision of the world. What I call a vertical intimacy is established between the climbers but what if you’re by yourself ?
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