Photographing women around the world in big cities to bring out their beauty, strengths and identities through a more fashion point of view. Mixing movements, flowers, bodies, colours and atypical beauties.  This project is about bringing out the beauty and delicateness of women in big cities. They bring life and beauty in the middle of chaos. They are like plants who grow and grow.
In this project, women will become the pistil of the city and create an explosion of colours in an hectic life.

Photographer & DA : Roxy Hervé
MUA - Sayuri Iso
Hair stylist - Chihiro Meifuku
Stylist : Ai Takahashi
Models : Chihiro,Natsumi,Kasumi,Kae
Photographer & DA : Roxy Hervé
MUA : Claudia Fisher
Hair stylist : Chihiro Meifuku
Stylist : Mercedes Guirante ( Florentina Leitner,  Ebru Berkiden, Julia Bajanova)
Models : Marstheperson, Max, Chrissi,Maria, Yasmine 
Photographer & DA : Roxy Hervé
MUA: Gina Parr
Stylist : Sophie Daniel
Models :Darcy, Danni, Olive, Katie, Sophia

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